Juicy Chemistry Helichrysum & Rosehip Serum Review

Serum is a skin care product which is applied on your skin before using a moisturizer. It can penetrate deep into your skin thus making it easier to target a specific skin care concern. In my earlier post I have already introduced you guys to Juicy Chemistry through its popular Lavender & Sage hair oil. This post is about Juicy Chemistry Helichrysum & Rosehip Serum Review.

Product Description Juicy Chemistry Helichrysum & Rosehip Serum Review

Pesky marks from break outs? Pigmentation? Random Spots? Then this serum is for you. Not only our serum is a great moisturizer, it also systematically repairs and reverses damage. Rosehip which provides the rich golden colour is the star anti-oxidant, geranium acts to soothe inflammation & helichrysum heals tender skin. Juicy Chemistry H

Juicy chemistry helichrysum & rosehip serum review


Jojoba Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil, Rosehip Essential Oil, Frankincense Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Neroli Essential Oil, Carrotseed Oil, Helichrysum Essential Oil, Geranuim Essential Oil. Juicy Chemistry Helichrysum & Rosehip Serum Review

How to Use Juicy Chemistry Helichrysum & Rosehip Serum Review

Take 2-3 drops in your palm and gently massage into your face at bedtime after you have used your cleanser and toner. Juicy Chemistry Helichrysum & Rosehip Serum Review

Price Juicy Chemistry Helichrysum & Rosehip Serum Review

INR 550 for 10ml

INR 1300 for 30ml

Packaging, Texture and Fragrance Juicy Chemistry Helichrysum & Rosehip Serum Review

The serum comes in a small, dark brown, translucent, glass bottle with a dropper attached to it. The dropper helps in controlling the amount of product you want to use. The packaging is simple and easy to use but because it’s a glass bottle it may not be travel friendly. Juicy Chemistry Helichrysum & Rosehip Serum Review

It is an oil based serum which is golden in colour. It’s consistency is exactly like of any other essential oil but it is not too sticky. Once applied it takes some time to get absorbed into the skin but once absorbed it does not feel heavy. It has no artificial fragrance added to it and thus it smells like a wonderful mix of essential oils.

juicy chemistry helichrysum & rosehip serum review

My Experience with Juicy Chemistry Helichrysum & Rosehip Serum

I have always been fascinated with face serums but never got around to trying one. Serums work wonders with targeting a particular skin care concern and mine was pigmentation. The main ingredients of this serum are rosehip and helichrysum essential oil which help in reducing spots, pigmentation, dryness, itchiness and are a great source for anti-ageing. So when I came across this product I jumped at the idea of getting one for myself and finally giving serums a try.

I have been using this product for two months and I have literally fallen in love with it. My night time skin care routine has drastically changed after I inculcated this serum. I apply this after cleansing and toning. I usually take about three drops, rub it in my palm and gently press the oil into my skin. Pressing the oil and then gently patting it makes sure that the oil reaches deep down into your skin thus working on repairing the skin.

I cannot say how much this works for spots or break out marks because I do not have that problem but as far as pigmentation is concerned this worked out perfectly for me. The pigmentation around my mouth has reduced and every morning I wake up with an added glow and that dullness is not there. This has also helped in improving my skin texture thus evening out my skin tone.

There is one more way in which I love using this serum and that is by mixing a few drops of it in my foundation or BB cream. This makes the foundation/BB cream glide on my face like butter and besides that it also adds a healthy natural glow thus making the look more flawless.


  1. Natural and cruelty free.
  2. No parabens or SLS added.
  3. Packed with powerful oils.
  4. Reduces pigmentation and dullness.
  5. Cost effective as little product goes a long way.
  6. Evens out skin tone.
  7. Makes the skin soft and adds a healthy glow.


  1. Takes time to absorb into the skin.
  2. May not be travel friendly as it comes in a glass bottle.

This serum has been a game changer for me. I never thought I could fall in love with essential oils any more but this one has just made me an ardent fan of them for life. So, if you are looking for a skin care product to tackle the issues of pigmentation, spots and acne marks then do give this a try.

Never forget to do a patch test (apply the product to your elbow or wrist and notice for any allergies in the next 24 hours) before trying this out and always remember that any skin care product will take some time to show results so be consistent with it.

Disclosure – This product is my own purchase and the views expressed here are based on my personal experience and unbiased.

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