Bliscent Chocolate Cheeks Face Mask Review

My love for face masks knows no boundaries and therefore I am always on the search for masks that will do wonders. So when I came across Bliscent chocolate cheeks face mask I had to get my hands on it. After all it’s completely organic and handmade and you guys know my love for organic products: D In today’s post I am going to review Bliscent Chocolate Cheeks Face mask. Read on to know how it worked for me.

Bliscent Chocolate Cheeks Face Mask The Beauty Journal

First of all let me introduce you guys to the brand. Bliscent is a Mumbai based home grown brand run by two friends. They have a varied range of products which is based on the concept of “whether luxury skincare can be affordable”. Their each and every product is handmade and free from unnecessary chemicals and preservatives thus making them skin loving treats. Bliscent Chocolate Cheeks Face mask

Product Description Bliscent Chocolate Cheeks Face mask

This yummy chocolate mask will remove dirt and impurities leaving you with a fresh and happy face.

Directions for Usage Bliscent Chocolate Cheeks Face mask

Apply a paste of 1 tbsp mask and milk/yogurt/rose water. Rinse off after 15 minutes and moisturize. Do not make the paste in a metal bowl.

Ingredients Bliscent Chocolate Cheeks Face mask

Calcium Bentonite, Cocoa powder, Oats, Kaolin clay, Baking soda.

Bliscent Chocolate Cheeks Face Mask

Price Bliscent Chocolate Cheeks Face mask

INR 250 for 30 Grams

My experience with Bliscent Chocolate Cheeks Face Mask

Packaging – The product comes in a plastic see through jar with a screw cap. On opening the upper cap there is another plastic disc attached to it and hence it helps in keeping the product intact. The packing is simple and sturdy and hence there is no fuss about it which I absolutely love. Bliscent Chocolate Cheeks Face mask

Bliscent Chocolate Cheeks Face Mask

Colour, Texture and Fragrance – The product is in powder form and is dark brown in colour. It smells so much of chocolate and because there is also oats added to it so you can also feel the oats in your hands. Bliscent Chocolate Cheeks Face mask

How It Worked?

I have been using this face mask for three weeks now and I am completely smitten by it. Before trying this out I was totally hooked to Juicy Chemistry’s tea tree and charcoal face mask. But ever since I have started using this there has been no going back. I have multiple face masks lying around with me but every time I am tempted to reach out to this particular one.

Usually I apply this with milk and one tablespoon of the product is enough to cover my entire face and neck. I keep the mask on for about 15 to 20 minutes and rinse off with water and with every use I can see a distinct difference in my skin.

The mask works wonderfully on sucking out all the impurities from the face and therefore leaves my skin feeling extremely refreshed. The key ingredients of the mask are chocolate and oats, both of which are rich in anti-oxidant properties. Therefore, it not just works on removing all dirt and impurities from the face but also on repairing skin cells and reducing the damage caused to the skin from pollution and harmful UV rays.

Bliscent Chocolate Cheeks Face Mask

Every time I apply this my skin feels clear and most of all there is an added glow to my skin. The dullness is immediately gone thus making my skin brighter. In addition to that, I can actually see a difference in my skin texture. With continuous usage of the mask my overall skin texture has improved and therefore it has become more healthy. The most noteworthy fact about the mask is that it did not irritate my skin on application and also did not cause me any breakouts.


  1. Handmade and organic.
  2. Devoid of harmful chemicals.
  3. Sturdy and travel friendly packaging.
  4. Small amount of the product does the job and hence will last long.
  5. Stands true to its claims.
  6. Clears the skin of all impurities and dirt.
  7. Imparts a healthy glow.
  8. Removes dullness and brightens up the skin.


Well, there aren’t any J

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the face mask is one of the most affordable and effective handmade natural product I have come across. This one has become my go to for pampering my skin. It stands true to all its claims. The mask effectively removes impurities from the face thus making it healthier and happier. That’s all for today. See you in an another post J



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