Bliscent Body Polish Strawberry Review

Exfoliation is a must for every skin type and regular exfoliation will yield great results for your skin. I am literally obsessed with scrubbing. I have explained on scrubbing’s importance in my post “How to Get Clear, Glowing and Healthy Skin”It is my most favorite part of skin care and therefore I get excited when I come across any good scrub. On top of that if it’s all natural and organic then it’s a cherry on top of the cake. Today’s post is going to be Bliscent Body polish Strawberry review.

Bliscent Body Polish Strawberry Review

Product Description Bliscent Body polish Strawberry review

Scrub away dry skin with this delicious sugar based scrub.

Ingredients Bliscent Body polish Strawberry review

Key Ingredients – Almond oil, Beeswax, Olive oil, Shea Butter, Sugar, strawberry fragrance oil Bliscent Body polish Strawberry review

Price Bliscent Body polish Strawberry review

INR 300 for 100 grams Bliscent Body polish Strawberry review

Shelf Life Bliscent Body polish Strawberry review

Six Months. Bliscent Body polish Strawberry review

My Experience with Bliscent Body Polish Strawberry

The scrub comes in a transparent plastic jar with a crew lid. On opening the top lid there is an added plastic disc and therefore it keeps the product intact. The packaging is sturdy and fuss free which I personally love. It is a sugar based scrub but the sugar particles are not too harsh on the body. The scrub has a candy like fragrance. There is that distinct strawberry smell in it and the fragrance lingers on the body for a while.

Bliscent Body Polish Strawberry Review

Bliscent Body Polish Strawberry Review

  1. I have been using this scrub for over a month and it has shown great results on my body. The product is organic and therefore I always scoop out some of it in a container using a clean spoon. To apply it, I lather the scrub on to my body and start exfoliating the skin gently. When it is massaged in to the skin the sugar particles melts and forms a moisturizing layer of oil on the skin. As a result of this, it aids in easy exfoliation and moreover does not irritate the skin.

Bliscent Body Polish Strawberry Review

Every time I use it to exfoliate, my skin post bathing becomes utter smooth and all the dead skin cells are effectively removed. In addition to this, it does not make my skin dry post scrubbing because of the butter and oils in it. With continuous usage of the scrub, I have noticed that the skin on my body has become smoother. I have an extremely dry skin on my body which leads it to looking dull and dehydrated sometimes. This product though has worked wonderfully on removing all dead skin layer on top and therefore has revived my skin.


  1. Sturdy packaging.
  2. Organic and natural.
  3. Does not contain any parabens or SLS.
  4. Delicious strawberry fragrance which stays on for some time.
  5. Exfoliates the skin effectively and removes every bit of dead skin cells.
  6. Provides a protective layer of moisture.
  7. Not too harsh on the body.


  1. Little bit messy because of the sugar particles in it.
  2. May not be suitable for an oily skin type.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I am extremely happy with the product. It does the job of scrubbing effectively and leaves the skin soft and smooth. For people with dry skin this is a gift as it exfoliates your skin and at the same time does not leave it dry and irritated. So, if you are looking for an affordable body scrub definitely go for this. Finally, it is an organic scrub, so never your hands directly to scoop out the product. Always use a clean and dry spoon to scoop the product out and make sure that water does not touch it 🙂

Hope you all like this post. Please share it with your friends and family and write in your thoughts in the comments section. Also share your favourite scrubs. I would love to hear from you guys 🙂


Abhinita 🙂

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